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About Us
About Us

About Us

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We envision a future where smart home solutions become an integral part of our lives, heightening productivity and comfortable living.


We endeavor to bring intelligent living solutions to our consumers, to enable all walks of life a smart life.


Here at 5 Squaremeter, we are committed to providing premium services directly to our customers. With over twenty years in LED & Electronic Design and Manufacturing, and over eight years in Home & Building Automation, we guarantee only the finest selection of products for your home.

In conjunction with project consultancy services, our products boast of liberty for personalization. Tailored and OEM for our design, we ensure customers enjoy the benefits of personalized living without the hassle of complex alterations.

We provide intelligent, energy-efficient, and space-saving solutions. Integrated with total wireless smart control through mobile apps and voice activation, 5 Squaremeter redefines accessibility and control.

5 Squaremeter aspires to bring your dream homes to fruition, amalgamating opulent design with smart technology. Step into the future of comfort living with 5 Squaremeter!